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You can choose a casino for rent on the , page ready-made casino sites
then contact с our manager.

  • Website rental period - 1 month

  • Website rental period - 1 month
    With each month, the price of the site decreases by the amount you paid for the rental, so
    paying monthly, you can redeem the casino in full.
    If the player refuses to rent the site, all players pass to the lessor.

    Sites offered for rent have no debts.
    Without investing money, the opportunity to find out your strengths in such a business.
    The client does not risk anything, brings players and makes a profit.
    All casino profits go into the client’s pocket.
    The client has access to the administrative part where you can configure any game for any percentage of return.
    Topping up a casino account goes through the system, we connect a casino to it. You will have a personal account in this system. You will withdraw all earned money from this account
    The administration does not interfere with the operation of the casino site. If necessary, the Administrator establishes a chat conversation with customers, counters and similar scripts for analytics.

    After receiving the payment, the site is removed from the sale, free-kassa or payment systems are connected.
    The landlord does not charge additional fees for the entire rental period.
    Turnkey site transfer with connected payments can last up to 48 hours (in fact, it takes several hours).
    The payment system is registered to the customer's email, and if it is not possible (it happens that the site has already been leased), in this case the site is registered to the server’s mail and access is granted from this mail.

    A player working at a selected casino has the exclusive right to redeem it, for example, if a rented casino costs $ 800, then after one month of rent he has the right to buy it for $ 550, or after two months of rent to buy this site for $ 300.

    Top-up in a casino:
    Registration in this system as physical. face.
    Pay on Yandex Money, Qiwi, Webmoney, Visa cards.
    We connect to or www.payeercom systems - by connecting one of these systems you will immediately connect all known payments such as WebMoney, Yandex.Money, qiwi, visa cards, sms, etc.

    Before buying a casino site, a player may have strength in this type of business.