Installation and Operation

Admin configuration casino platform

offers a full range of services for installing and setting up online casinos . First of all, we will help you install the casino script and website design on the server. Also, a database will be created and mail will be registered, payment systems will be connected. Installing an online casino is a responsible process, so it would be better to entrust it to specialists. In addition, we are developing casino modules ordered by customers. Finally, you can always buy a fully finished and working online casino and start making profits right away. This will allow you not to waste time installing and configuring it.

setting up an online casino Installing the casino starts from the moment when you receive from us the finished script and design of your game project. As mentioned in other articles, you always have a choice - you can buy a ready-made template and software, or order casino script and develop an original design. Then, you need to install the script and design on the hosting (server). After that, in the administrative panel, you need to create a new database for your online casino , connect mail and payment systems through which players can replenish their gaming account.

Professional management consulting

internet casino installation As you can see, installing an online casino is a responsible, but far from the most difficult procedure. Experienced owners of several gambling sites cope with it almost "automatically". However, if you have any difficulties with installing or setting up an online casino , then Masvet specialists will be happy to help you. In particular, this concerns the issues of online casino setup , since various nuances often arise here. This concerns such factors as the number and versions of games, the possibility of accruing bonuses to regular players, connection of payment systems, etc. Professional casino setup, performed by experienced professionals, will make your gaming portal work smoothly and, of course, profitable.

install casino script So, if you need services for setting up or installing a casino , then you can always contact us. Masvet is actively developing scripts and modules for online casinos , so only we know all the details and subtleties of our software. We will gladly provide each client with free consultations, as well as help install the casino script efficiently and quickly, and then set up your gaming portal for stable operation and maximum income.

Setting up games in the admin panel

Each game has its own bank.
You can adjust the percentage of return for each game
The bank of the game accumulates from the losses of the players and gives out the winnings from the bank randomly.
"game cashier" - how much money is in the machine
"percentage of the bet at the cashier" if you bet 90%, then you earn 10%
"frequency of falling out of the bonus game" - bets in the range of 15-25
below (bonus2) is the same
"doubling" - setting how lucky it will be multiplied on cards, if you set 3 - greedy mode, 2-generous mode
"wins by lines" - for each line we indicate the frequency of winning combinations, set in the range from 5 to 15 (15th mode is greedy)