Step-by-step instructions for creating a casino

Rent online casino platform

Every advanced user can create a casino on the Internet in just a couple of hours.
The whole process consists of three main stages.

1. Choosing a domain name.

Choose a short themed title for your casino. For most domain zones, it is written in Latin, with the exception of several Cyrillic domain zones on the Runet. Check its availability on the website of any registrar, for example, If the domain is free, then you can register it. The domain name is paid immediately for at least a year, the cost is from 9 USD. and higher (depending on the domain zone).

2. Hosting.

For server hosting, choose fast paid hosting with 24/7 support. Its physical location does not matter, so you can choose a hoster from Russia, Europe or America. The cost of hosting is on average from 5 to 40 USD, you can pay at least for a month. Many hosters provide a free trial period. If something doesn't suit you, you can change it.
3. Purchase software.
To open your own casino, you need to buy an engine and scripts. Upload the engine and script to the hosting, register with payment systems and connect them. Customize the system functionality at your discretion, set the winning percentage.