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For the safety of transactions on the Internet, there is a guarantee of buying a casino, software, domain or providing services. The cost of services can be found on the website of the guarantor service.

The intermediary (guarantor) between the buyer and the seller transfers to the parties the funds for the transaction and the purchased goods (after they confirm the absence of mutual claims).

How to secure a transaction through an intermediary (guarantor):

1. The seller and the buyer choose a service-guarantor. The buyer contacts the intermediary, provides him with information about the seller, the contact details of the parties and reports the value of the transaction.
2. The intermediary (guarantor) issues an invoice to the buyer.
3. The buyer transfers money to the guarantor, about which he notifies the seller. The seller transfers the goods to the buyer or provides a service.
4. The buyer confirms receipt of the purchase and informs the guarantor of the absence of claims.
5. The guarantor transfers funds to the seller and closes the transaction.

If you make purchases on our website, then we pay for the services of the guarantor. reviews will help you to make sure that the deal is transparent. We have been working in the business of developing and selling software and ready-made casinos for a long time, so we already have many satisfied customers. We are pleased to give you the opportunity to get acquainted with their impressions of our service.