Agreement on the use of scripts of online casino Masvet

This License Agreement (hereinafter the "Agreement") is a legal document,
governing the relationship between, hereinafter referred to as, and legal
or an individual, hereinafter referred to as the User, who uses the script "online casino",
its constituent parts and modifications (hereinafter "the script" of the Internet casino).

1. The composition of the "online casino" script.
The "online casino" script includes a basic set of flash games recorded on any media,
additional modules, technical documentation in printed and electronic form, other text and graphic materials
on any media related to the use of the script.

2. Entry into force of the Agreement.
By installing the "online casino" script on the User's website in order to use it in
production and commercial or other activities, the User thereby assumes obligations
to comply with the terms of this Agreement. A user who does not agree with the terms of this Agreement does not have a
the right to install and use this script.

3. Property rights to the script "online casino"
The rightholder of the exclusive property rights to the "online casino" script is
The property rights to the "internet casino" script are protected by copyright laws of the Russian Federation.

4. Rights and obligations of
4.1. delivers the "internet casino" script.
4.2., at its discretion, revises the script, eliminates the noticed program errors and failures.
4.3. is not responsible for any damage directly or indirectly caused to the User as a result of
use of the "online casino" script, its parts or modifications.
4.4. In case of violation of this Agreement, has the right to demand from the User to stop using the script
"online casino", compensation by the User of material and other damage.

5. Rights and obligations of the User
5.1. During the validity period of the license for the script, the user has the right to free update of the current version of the "online casino" script,
to receive consultations by e-mail, by mail and by icq, unless otherwise stipulated by additional contracts and agreements.
Consulting services are provided by or Business Partner, depending on who the User purchased the script from.
5.2. Script settings made by the User, as well as information entered by the User into the information system of the script "online casino",
are the property of the User.
5.3. The user has the right to customize standard reports, create Custom reports, using the built-in script
"online casino" by tools.
5.4. The user has no right to make changes to the software modules, the documentation of the "online casino" script, and to create his own software,
derivative of the script "online casino", as well as copying in whole or in part the elements of the User's interface without the written permission of
5.5. The user is solely responsible for the use of the "online casino" script and cannot demand execution from
any other obligations regarding the "online casino" script, with the exception of those stipulated by this Agreement and contracts,
concluded between the User and
5.6. The user has the right to use the "online casino" script only for activities not prohibited by applicable law.
5.7. The user has the right to create backup copies of the "online casino" script solely for archiving purposes.

6. Validity
6.1. This Agreement is valid indefinitely.
6.2. Violation by the User of this agreement or its individual clauses entails the termination of the fulfillment by of its obligations
and compensation for damage in accordance with applicable law.

7. Terms of purchase and refund of paid funds
7.1 The software is sold as presented on the demo site. After the transfer of the software, no refunds will be made.

8. Final Provisions
8.1. This Agreement cannot be understood as the establishment between the User and of a contractual relationship on any other issues,
not directly provided for by the Agreement. The specified relationship can be established by additional agreements between and the User.
8.2. The recognition by a court of any provision of this Agreement as invalid or non-binding is not due to