What do I get after buying a casino?

Buy casino platform

on our site you can buy a casino completely ready to work. We will provide you with a unique domain name, a site with an engine, scripts and modules, hosted on fast and reliable hosting, connected to the FREE-KASSA internet payment service. You will only need to log in to the payment system and enter your details to receive funds.

You will get full use of your own casino , which you can start immediately and generate income. All accounts are transferred to you and automatically become your property. You will be able to order advertising for your casino, promote it in search engines, if you wish, sell, exchange or donate to another user.

The casino will have slot machines with roulette, card games (poker, blackjack), igrosoft, slots, lotteries and so on (more than 50 games in total), a gambling hall and clubs. You can buy a new or existing casino that has regular customers.

Our programmers have developed a simple and convenient software that can be customized and adapted according to your wishes. We provide support to all customers, help in solving any problems, installing additional scripts, improving the system.

What opportunities does the casino give me?

You can customize any slot machine , set the winning percentage, change the balance of the entire casino and an individual client. Two types of rights are provided: - full functionality (for the casino owner); - limited rights (for cashiers).

You can create and delete clubs, grant management rights to one or several cashiers. In statistics, you can monitor the operation of any machine, track customer history, control rates and payments.

Your own online casino

is an opportunity to receive a stable income and enjoy the realization of your dreams.